Friday, November 7, 2008

Princeton-Penn Football Updates

Updated final
Penn 14, Princeton 9

Updated 2:16 left
Garton again converts the third and eight. Penn, first and 10 at midfield. Clock running. Princeton out of timeouts.

Updated 2:24 left
Penn has third and eight again, this time at the 42. Princeton has used its last timeouts. This is pretty much the game.

Updated 3:03 remaining
Penn has put together two first downs, including a big 3rd and 8 conversion. It's 1st and 10 at the Penn 40.

Updated 6:16 remaining
Princeton drive stalls. Tigers punt. Penn ball on the 2 after Weston Palmer downs the ball. It's the third drive tonight that starts inside the five for Penn. Tigers with two timeouts left.

Updated 6:50 remaining
A catch by Culbreath, a run by Culbreath and a penalty on Penn brings Princeton to 1st and 10 at its 44.

Updated 7:30 left in fourth.
Princeton gets a stop, but a great Penn punt by Scooter Belasco pins the Tigers on their nine.

Updated 9 min remaining in fourth
Penn 14, Princeton 9
A great catch by Will Thanheiser on the one-yard line after a 46-yard pass from Brian Anderson sets up a TD run by Culbreath. Princeton goes for two, but a pass from Anderson to Berry falls short. Still, Princeton is back in it.

Updated 12:51 remaining in fourth
Still 14-3 Quakers. Princeton first and 10 on its 23.

Updated midway through third
Penn 14, Princeton 3
Penn takes the second half kickoff and drives 71 yards in 14 plays for a touchdown. The score came on a 10-yard touchdown pass from Garton to Matt Appenfelder.

Updated end of first half
Penn 7, Princeton 3
Without Culbreath, Princeton drives for its first score of the game. Ben Bologna kicked a 32-yard field goal with 10 seconds left to cap the seven-play, 63-yard drive, which featured a 35-yard pass from Brian Anderson to Adam Berry.

Updated one drive later
Culbreath not in, but Meko McCray goes for 11 yards on his first carry.

Updated 6:26 in second
Penn takes over on its 45 after a Jordan Culbreath fumble. Culbreath stayed down as the entire Princeton Stadium crowd (at least the orange and black part) held its breath. He walked off on his own.

Updated midway through second
Still 7-0
After a missed field goal, Princeton gets a three and out. Tiger ball on the Penn. 39.

Updated last minute of first
Barry Newell intercepts a Garton pass at the Princeton 34.

Updated 4:31 left in first
Princeton drive stalls, but Ryan Coyle's punt is downed on the 1 by Ryan Pritchard.

Updated 7:15 left in first
Penn 7, Princeton 0
Penn finishes a long drive with a Kiefer Garton TD run. Garton started in place of injured Penn QB Robert Irvin.

It couldn't be a nicer night for football at Princeton Stadium. Temps are still in the 60s. There's no wind at all. It's somewhat humid, and rain is forecast for tomorrow.

Princeton is wearing its orange uniforms again, just as it did a year ago on ESPNU against Cornell.

The hockey team lost 1-0 to Cornell in the first game of the ESPNU doubleheader.

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