Sunday, November 23, 2008

Good Afternoon from West Point

:00.0. Final: Princeton 55, Army 43.
After a loose ball and a shot clock violation, Army's last three-point attempt doesn't fall.

Army looks content to stop fouling, but the ball gets knocked out of bounds. Bobby Foley and John Comfort get in the game for Princeton.

Army gets a quick layup. 55-43.

Kareem Maddox will go back to the line after and Army bucket and foul. He misses the first. Max Huc makes his first appearance of the afternoon, replacing Schroeder. Maddox hits the second. Princeton 55, Army 41.

After pressing again, Army commits its 11th foul of the half, sending Kareem Maddox to the line. He hits the first, then the second. Princeton 54, Army 39.

The Princeton bench gets excited once again after the Tigers hold on to a loose ball under the Army basket and call timeout.

Davis hits only one and has 19 points. Princeton 52, Army 39.

Army commits another foul, its 10th of the half, to put Doug Davis at the line. He'll try to reach 20 points for the second time in his young career.

After trying to force a steal with a full-court press, Army's Cleveland Richard fouls Marcus Schroeder to put Schroeder at the line for a one-and-one. He misses the first, and Army gets a layup at the other end. Army calls timeout. Princeton 51, Army 39.

Army works it in for a layup. Princeton 51, Army 37.

Princeton gets another rebound off an Army miss and wears down the clock. Zach Finley misses a layup, the ball goes out of bounds off him and the final media timeout is here.

Zach Finley's layup attempt rimmed out, but Princeton got the offensive rebound and Davis is able to put in a layup. He has 18 points. Princeton 51, Army 35.

Army is whistled for their eighth foul of the half. Marcus Schroeder's first attempt in the one-and-one sinks in, as does the second. Princeton 49, Army 35.

Kareem Maddox is whistled for his third foul, team's sixth of the half. Army's free throws by Nelson both go in. Princeton 47, Army 35.

Doug Davis makes a deft steal at midcourt and lays it in for his 16th point of the game. Marcus Schroeder fouls trying to make another steal, his first, Princeton's fifth.

The Princeton bench erupts after Zach Finley is fouled and his lay-up goes in. Princeton 45, Army 33 after Finley makes the accompanying free throw.

Princeton 42, Army 33 after two made Army free throws. Marcus Schroeder replaces Jason Briggs.

After a Davis missed three-point attempt, Zach Finley commits a foul. His third, team's fourth.

After Maddox has his shot blocked, Briggs fouls at the other end to prevent an easy lay-up. It's Briggs' first foul, team's third. Army's Marcus Nelson misses the first but makes the second. Princeton 42, Army 31.

Army is whistled for is sixth foul of the half. Princeton will take the ball out of bounds.

Buczak is whistled for the team's second foul of the half, his third of the game. That brings the third media timeout of the half. Princeton 42, Army 30.

Another Army layup misses and Princeton grabs the rebound. The Tigers, however, are trapped into a 35-second violation and Army gets it back.

After an Army layup bounces away, Princeton takes over and gets another offensive rebound, this one by Lake off a Mavraides three-point miss. Maddox tries a jumper in the lane, misses, gets his own rebound and puts it in. 42-30 Princeton, and Army calls a timeout.

Princeton commits its first foul of the half. It's on Buczak, his second. Mavraides in for Davis.

Nick Lake hits a three and Princeton has its biggest lead, 40-30. Those are second-chance points off an offensive rebound by Maddox.

A held ball is called, possession to Princeton.

Second media timeout:
On the floor for Princeton after the break are Davis, Briggs, Lake, Buczak and Maddox.

The half's second media timeout comes after an Army miss goes off Army hands and out of bounds. Army is shooting just 2 for 12 this half after hitting at a 47.1 percent clip in the first half. Princeton, meanwhile, is 5 for 8 from the field this half. Princeton also has a 9-4 rebounding edge in the half.

Army commits another foul and has all five this half.

Army's three-point attempt rims out and Princeton grabs the rebound. Nick Lake tries for a layup, but it catches too much rim and bounces out. Army hits a long two. Princeton 37, Army 30.

Saunders grabs a rebound on an Army miss, but Princeton commits a turnover on the other end.

The big man, Pawel Buczak, steps out for a three and hits. Princeton 37, Army 28.

Davis, who has a game-high 12 points, will have a double-digit scoring total in each of his first three career games. He had 25 in the opener and 14 Wednesday against Maine. On the floor for Princeton are Lake, Davis, Buczak, Saunders and Briggs. Davis adds another long two for 14 points. Princeton 34, Army 28.

Kareem Maddox answers at the other end. Princeton 32, Army 28. Army is whistled for a foul in their offensive end, and the Black Knights have committed all four fouls this half. That ushers in the second half's first media timeout.

Army's Richard hits a jumper in the lane and the Princeton lead is 2 at 30-28.

Army misses a 3 and Princeton gets the rebound. A foul is called away from the ball under the basket on Army's Cleveland Richard. Army has committed all 3 fouls this half.

Princeton gets the ball back again after Army tips the ball out of bounds on a rebound. Jason Briggs is whistled for traveling, and Army gets the ball back.

Kareem Maddox misses a 3 and Doug Davis is alertly there for the rebound for a put-back layup. After a Saunders rebound at the other end. Buczak is hit again as he makes a layup and this time will go to the line. He makes the and-one. Princeton 30, Army 26.

Army missed its first shot of the half and Buczak grabbed the rebound for Princeton. He gets a hand in the face from Army's Doug Williams and Princeton will take the ball out of bounds.

One minute left in halftime:
Princeton will put its same five starters back on the floor to start the second half: Briggs, Davis, Saunders, Maddox and Buczak.

The stat of the half: Princeton fouls and the Army free throws that have accompanied some of them. Army is 8 of 9 from the line while Princeton is 2 of 2, and Princeton got whistled for 12 fouls to Army's 6. Mavraides has three, Maddox 2, Davis 2 and Finley 2, with Saunders, Buczak and Lake one each.

End of 1st half
Princeton had the half's last possession, and after Army knocked the ball out of bounds with 2.5 seconds on the clock, Schroeder tried a long three that missed. Army 26, Princeton 25.

Nick Lake is called for a charge and Army gets the ball back.

Army commits a foul and Princeton will take the ball out of bounds with a fresh 35.

Army's Nathan Hedgecock makes one free throw after Maddox commits his second foul. Army 26, Princeton 25.

Saunders blocks and steals and Army three-point attempt, and Schroeder drives to the hoop for the tying lay-up with the shot clock winding down. 25-25.

Army's Cleveland Richard fouls Kareem Maddox, who heads to the line. He hits both, and Army's lead is 25-23.

On the floor for Princeton are Schroeder, Mavraides, Lake, Maddox and Saunders. Mavraides fouls Army's Josh Miller, sending Miller to the line for two shots on Princeton's 10th foul of the half. As it is Mavraides' third foul, Briggs will take his place. Miller hits both, and Army leads 25-21.

Dan Mavraides is whistled for a foul, Princeton's ninth of the half. That brings on the final media timeout of the half.

Army's Richard lays it in and Army retakes a 23-21 lead.

Dan Mavraides lays it in off the inbound, and the game is tied 21-21. Army's Royal is hurt, getting a whistle at the 4:00 mark.

Schroeder hits a three on the other end to tie it again at 19-19, but an Army layup gives the Black Knights the lead again at 21-19. Patrick Saunders enters for Princeton.

Marcus Schroeder has his pass stolen, but Dan Mavraides grabs a rebound on the other end. Maddox also has his pass stolen, and Army's Nelson puts in a layup. Army 19, Princeton 16.

Maddox misses a long three but Lake tips the ball safely into Princeton hands. Sydney Johnson calls timeout.

Lake's three-point attempt rims out, but Princeton gets a charge called on Army's Rickey Royal. Fouls are 8-4 Princeton.

Back on the floor for Princeton are Davis, Lake, Mavraides, Buczak and Maddox. Doug Davis commits a foul, and Army's Rickey Royal is at the line. Marcus Schroeder makes his first appearance in place of Davis. Both Royal free throws are good, and Army leads 17-16.

A Pawel Buczak layup misses and the ball goes out of bounds. Third media timeout. Princeton 16, Army 15.

Doug Davis hits a three with an Army player in his face, but Hedgecock answers on the other end for Army. Princeton 16, Army 15. Davis has 10 points.

Nick Lake tries another three, but it doesn't go. Dan Mavraides commits a foul on the rebound to put Army into a 1-and-1 situation, and Army's Doug Williams converts the first free throw. He hits the second too, and Princeton's lead is 13-12.

Nathan Hedgecock commits a foul for Army, and Princeton takes it out of bounds.

Princeton gains from an army turnover, but the Tigers commit their own on the other end. The Army player is trapped under the hoop, and after his shot is blocked, a jump ball is whistled to give possession to Princeton.

Doug Davis commits a foul, and Princeton has 6 fouls to Army's 2.

Nick Lake cans a three, and Princeton leads 13-10.

Princeton gets possession after an Army turnover. Still tied 10-10.

Zach Finley commits his second foul and returns to the bench for his fellow center, Pawel Buczak. Kareem Maddox blocks a shot out of bounds.

Princeton commits a 35-second violation. Dan Mavraides enters the game for Briggs.

Second media timeout:
Taking a look around Christl Arena, opened in 1985, the Army student section, of which there is a small contingent today, is called The Crew. They sport camouflage pants, beige shirts and yellow hard hats. Back on the floor for Princeton are Maddox, Davis, Briggs, Finley and Lake.

Princeton sees another lineup change as Nick Lake is in. After three straight turnovers, two by Army, the game sees its second media timeout. 10-10 tie.

Army misses on its end, but after Doug Davis negotiates his way out of a potential turnover, he runs into an Army crowd and has his shot blocked. Possession goes to Army.

After misses each way, Zach Finley bumps an Army player to pick up a foul. Fouls are Princeton 4, Army 2. Game still tied 8-8, and Jason Briggs knocks the ball away on the other end. Davis hits a fall-away jumper. He now has 7 points. At the other end, Army's Rickey Royal hits a long two, and it's tied 10-10. Army gets it back after Patrick Saunders misses a three.

Doug Davis hits a long two, and the game is tied again at 8-8. Army travels on the other end.

Hedgecock's layup misses for Army, and Princeton gets the ball back.

Nelson momentarily steals the ball from Briggs, but Princeton gets it back only to miss. Army grabs the rebound and Kareem Maddox commits a foul on the other end. First media timeout. Army 8, Princeton 6.

Army has its first lead of the game as Hedgecock nails a three, putting Army ahead 8-6.

Doug Davis' three-point attempt is off line and Army gets the rebound, but misses a three of its own. Kareem Maddox takes a shot from just inside the arc and misses, off a Princeton player and out of bounds to Army.

Army's Doug Williams commits a foul. Fouls are even at 2-2, and Princeton takes it out of bounds, and an Army player steals the ball from Buczak and lays it in on a fastbreak. Princeton 6, Army 5.

18:00 1st:
Jason Briggs cans a three, but Patrick Saunders commits a foul on the other end. Army takes it out of bounds but travels, giving the ball back to Princeton.

18:28 1st:
Pawel Buczak fouls Marcus Nelson, whose lay-up attempt goes in. His free throw does too, and the game is tied 3-3.

19 minutes to go in the half:
Army's Thompson fouls Jason Briggs driving to the hoop, and Princeton takes it out of bounds. Doug Davis sinks a 3, and Princeton is ahead 3-0.

We're underway, and Army wins the tip but Doug Davis steals it in the key.

7 minutes to tip-off:
Army's starters, for those Tiger fans familiar with the Black Knights, are 6-3 junior guard Cleveland Richard, 5-11 junior guard Marcus Nelson, 6-3 sophomore guard/forward Nathan Hedgecock, 6-2 junior guard Tyrell Thompson, and 6-7 senior forward Doug Williams.

9 minutes to tip-off:
Princeton's starters are in, and they're the same five as the first two games. Jason Briggs, Doug Davis, Patrick Saunders, Kareem Maddox and Pawel Buczak.

29 minutes to tip-off:
Welcome to Christl Arena on the U.S. Military Academy campus at West Point, where the Princeton men's basketball team will take on the Black Knights from Army. TigerBlog will be on hand to provide frequent in-game updates.

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