Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Celebrity Ends Up No. 9

Meagan Cowher is the choice for the No. 9 Princeton athlete of 2008. Her senior season saw her set a women's basketball program record with 532 points, and her last three games of 25, 26 and 31 points left her 12 points away from the school career record. In the entire history of Princeton basketball, only Bill Bradley ’65 and Sandi Bittler ’90 scored more points than Cowher.

At the same time, Cowher brought with her a celebrity presence to Princeton athletics. The daughter of former Pittsburgh Steelers' head coach Bill Cowher, she was used to being in the limelight and had even been interviewed on an NFL films piece as a pre-teen. From Day 1 as a Princeton player, she was deluged by requests for interviews, and the media crush reached a fever pitch during the Steelers' run to the Super Bowl title her sophomore year.

Cowher's bio was the most-viewed bio on, by far, during the last four years.

And yet she was much more than just a name. She was a three-time first-team All-Ivy pick, and her work at Princeton extended beyond basketball to countless charitable causes and campus work, especially with the VSAAC.

In short, Meagan Cowher was the most recognizable Princeton athlete for the last four years. And one of the best.

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