Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hello From Snowy Syracuse!

Final SU 70, Princeton 61
Syracuse in-bounds the ball and hangs on to it until the time runs out.

48.4 SU 70, Princeton 61
Erica Morrow has scored six of SU's last eight points, and the Cuse is now up by nine.

3:21 SU 64, Princeton 57
The Orange is back up to a seven-point lead, scoring 10 points since the last media timeout to Princeton's six.

7:27 SU 56, Princeton 51
Syracuse has been silenced since its took its largest lead of the game, an 11-point lead. Micir, Hill and Johnson have put the Tigers within five, 56-51. The Orange is now even with the Tigers in fouls, with eight.

11:14 SU 50, Princeton 45
Edwards scores seven straight points to bring Princeton within three, 45-42. SU answers with five points, but Berry quiets the crowd with a bucket from long range.

15:50 SU 41, Princeton 33
SU starts the half on a 7-0 and goes up by eight as Princeton picks up six fouls in less than five minutes. Coach Banghart has a talk with the officials at the timeout.

Halftime Princeton 28, SU 27
Krystal Hill scores two and Edwards adds another to help the Tigers take a three-point lead. Two free throws by Lina Lishere put the Orange down by one. Micir is leading the Tigers with 10 points, while three players have three rebounds apiece. Edwards has three steals and Devona Allgood has picked up two blocks.

2:30 SU 25, Princeton 23
The Cuse took a five-point lead, but Princeton's Laura Johnson cut the lead back to two with a basket from long range.

5:04 SU 21, Princeton 18
SU takes the lead going on an 8-0 run. Coach Banghart calls a timeout as Erica Morrow makes and steals and goes coast to coast with a layup.

7:41 Princeton 18, SU 13
Micir is already in double digits in scoring with 10 points. As a team Princeton is shooting 44 percent, and SU is shooting 33 percent. Edwards just picked up her second personal foul.

11:54 Princeton 12, SU 8
Addie Micir hits two threes and adds one in the paint to help the Tigers take a 12-8 lead at the second media timeout. Both teams have seven rebounds and five turnovers.

15:11 SU 6, Princeton 4
Lauren Edwards picks up a foul and Syracuse will be shooting two after the media time out.

18:59 SU 2, Princeton 2
Princeton wins the tip and Lauren Edwards scores on the first possession. In typical SU fashion the fans at the Dome are on their feet until the Orange scores its first basket. Nicole Michael does on its trip down the court and Coach Hillsman calls a timeout to get a sub into the game.


It's orange versus orange today at the Carrier Dome. The teams are on the court warming up with tip-off at noon. This will be Princeton's first game since the holiday, while Syracuse played two days ago at St. Bonaventure and snuck away with a one-point victory. Lauren Edwards will getting the start for the third straight game, as Whitney Downs is still under the weather. Jessica Berry, Addie Micir, Julia Berger and Cheryl Stevens round out the starting five. Syracuse will be starting Tasha Harris, Erica Morrow, Tyler Ash, Chandrea Jones and Nicole Michael.

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