Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hello From the Nation's Capital - Part II

Final GW 77, Princeton 56
GW holds Princeton scoreless and goes on a 12-0 run to end the game.

3:44 GW 64, Princeton 51
GW scores seven to retake the 13-point lead.

5:14 GW 57, Princeton 50
Princeton is back within seven with a jumper from Devona Allgood and another three from Micir That is her sixth three - a personal best.

7:32 GW 56, Princeton 43
The Colonials have rattled off the last four points, holding Princeton scoreless since 10:01.

11:14 GW 48, Princeton 41
The Tigers are back within seven with 11:14 to play. The one unusual aspect of the game is how many fouls Princeton has drawn, having six already this half. GW is a good free-throw shooting team, shooting 83.3 percent today, so Princeton has to be careful. 

13:42 GW 44, Princeton 33
Coach Banghart calls a timeout to try to refocus the Tigers. They don't look as together as they did in the first half, which has set them back 11 points.

16:41 GW 44, Princeton 31
GW came out of halftime scoring 12 points to Princeton's four. The Colonials have drained five of their last seven baskets, while the Tigers are 2-for-5.

Halftime GW 32, Princeton 27
The Tigers are playing well, one of their better games this season. The defense is once again its strongest aspect of the game. GW has only four offensive rebounds and has picked up nine turnovers. Standing out on the court is Julia Berger who has four offensive boards and one defensive. Addie Micir has the most points after the half, with nine, all by way of three-point baskets. Jessica Adair has 10 points for GW.

3:55 Princeton 23, GW 22
Princeton takes a one-point lead after a three from Laura Johnson. The Tigers are shooting 30.8 percent from behind the arc, connecting on 4 of 13.

4:58 GW 22, Princeton 20
There has been a stoppage in the game because of a discrepancy on the shot clock. Princeton picked up an offensive rebound but the shot clock was not reset and as Princeton tried to get up a second shot the shot clock sounded. The players and coaches asked the officials to check with the official book and Princeton resumed the game with possession.

7:50 Princeton 18, GW 17
Princeton takes a one-point lead after a three from Micir, her third of the game. GW draws back-to-back offensive fouls. The Tigers have scored seven points off of turnovers.

10:03 GW 15, Princeton 11
GW took a seven-point lead, 10-3, but  after a jumper by Lauren Edwards followed by a three by Micir, the Tigers cut the lead to three. The teams have traded baskets in the past few possessions.

15:25 GW 8, Princeton 3
The Tigers are playing well, and have forced GW into four turnovers. They are getting good looks at the basket but the shots aren't dropping, going 1-for-8 at the first media timeout.

Starting Lineup
Princeton is using the same starting line-up as in the American game, replacing Whitney Downs with Lauren Edwards. However, Downs is dressed and should see some minutes today. Also on the court is Addie Micir, Julia Berger and Cheryl Stevens.

40 minutes to game time
We're here at the Smith Center for the final game of Princeton's weekend in D.C. The squad is warming up on the court but they will look a little different today. The Tigers will be sporting their third uniform - wearing all orange. They have their black shooting shirts on right now, but Tigerblog is anticipating the full-on orange look.

Yesterday the team spent the afternoon at the National Mall. Before being dropped off, we stopped at the White House and saw the National Monument, Capital Building, Lincoln Memorial, Watergate Hotel and the National Cathedral. At the mall, members of the team were able to check out the National History Museum - the dinosaur exhibit was the favorite for Carrie Moore, and TigerBlog personally enjoyed the gem/diamond exhibit. The team was able to check out the paintings by DaVinci, Monet, Picasso and Pollock at the National Art Museum. With 25 minutes remaining TigerBlog and crew raced to the national archives to sneak a peek at the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and other famous documents. Though brief, this was Coach Flores favorite stop. Some other groups visited the Holocaust Museum, American History Museum and the Air/Space Museum. 

Returning to pick up the bus, we found out it had broken down not long after dropping the team off. We hailed three taxis to get back to the hotel - for a moment it felt like we were on the Amazing Race. 

Almost every member of the team is taking flights out of D.C., to go home for the holidays. Every moment counts as they have to return for practice the day after Christmas.

Besides Tigerblog, you can follow the game by listening to Derek Jones call the action for free on the internet and check out the free live stats. Video is available for a fee.

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