Friday, December 12, 2008

Coming Attractions

Beginning Monday, (TigerBlog's big brother) will begin counting down both the top 12 athletes and stories in Princeton sports for the calendar year 2008. These lists were compiled by the TigerBlog staff (the Princeton Office of Athletic Communications), and they will appear in descending order from 12-1 over a basically two-week period on the main Website. TigerBlog will offer some commentary as well.

The ground rules were that athletes were considered only for what they did in a Princeton uniform in the calendar year of 2008. Diana Matheson, for instance, competed in the 2008 Olympics, but she was ineligible for the list because she didn't compete for Princeton in 2008.

As for the events themselves, they include single-game accomplishments and general team accomplishments. Interestly, a vote of the TigerBlog staff had the No. 1 story be unanimous, while there were four different votes (out of five people) for the No. 2 story.

As always, TigerBlog welcomes feedback. Look for the two lists begining Monday.

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