Friday, December 19, 2008

Live From the Nation's Capital

Updated Final
American wins a 59-44 game to remain undefeated on its home court. Check out the final stats on the Princeton Athletics Web site.

Updated 1:45
Tigerblog is curious as to what the shooting percentage is for the Tigers from behind the arc, but no live stats, monitors or stats at timeouts is making this a big guessing game.

Updated 2:50
Tigerblog was wrong - it was Micir with a three. American leads 53-40.

Updated 3:40
At the final media timeout, American is in the middle of an 11-0 run. Which Tiger wants to put an end to this? Tigerblog will make a prediction just for fun and say Lauren Edwards.

Updated 7:26
Laura Johnson nails a three to bring the Tigers within two possessions, but Kristin Coles answers with a jumper to make it 43-37.

Updated 10:11
A three from Micir sets the score at 41-34. Princeton is becoming more aggressive under the basket and the team is starting to see its other options on the court.

Updated 11:50
The Tigers' 6-0 run brought them within 10. American leads 39-29. One of the Princeton assistant coaches was charged with a delay of game when the official said she rolled the ball away from her instead of to her - makes Tigerblog laugh.

Updated 15:12
Princeton has scored the last two baskets, bringing them within 12, 36-24.

Updated 17:05
The Tigers' offensive troubles have continued into the second half. They haven't been able to capitalize on their possessions yet with some missed shots and silly mistakes, while American has scored five. American leads 36-20.

Updated at Halftime
American leads 31-20. Princeton is having trouble getting good looks at the basket and dribbling has led the Tigers into some errors. The staff here is having some sort of trouble with the stats, seems to Tigerblog they are more concerned with the timeout and halftime promotions than anything else. (Clarification: The American SID is awesome - its the staff hired to work the game that are having issues)

Updated 2:20
Princeton has had two shot clock violations on its last two possessions. American leads 25-16.

Updated 4:43
American has its largest lead of the half, 23-16. Liz Leer is pacing the Eagles. The half is going quickly with only five combined fouls being called.

Updated 8:00
Addie Micir is hot tonight! She has drained two three-pointers to help Princeton take a 16-14 lead. Tigerblog had to pause from the action to ask the American event staff to get a power outlet that actually provides electricity.

Updated 15:30
American leads 6-4. Princeton won the tip and had back-to-back baskets. American nailed two free throws to even it up and a layup to take the lead.

Starting Line-up

Earning her first collegiate start tonight is freshman Lauren Edwards. She will be taking the place of senior Whitney Downs who is under the weather. Hope you're not still watching the Food Network Whit!

It's Friday in D.C., and the Princeton women's basketball team is warming up for its first of two games this weekend, first facing American. The team got into the city without any trouble (aka traffic) and went to dinner at an Italian restaurant a few blocks from the hotel in Georgetown. The players had plenty of downtime, which they took advantage of. Breakfast, film, shoot around and pregame meal were on the docket for today. Tomorrow the team can venture out to explore what DC has to offer before a dinner with alumni.

There may be some changes in tonight's starting lineup with one player getting hit with a illness this week. Coincidentally enough, she was put in room 911 at the hotel.

One comment so far this trip silenced even the most talkative members of the team and staff. When an upperclassman asked who Tyler Hansbrough is. After a deafening silence she said, "What?! I don't follow sports."

Ah the uniqueness that is the women's basketball team.

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